Jul 21, 2024  
2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog | Expires Aug. 2030 

Vitito Fellowship Program

The Vitito Global Leadership Institute provides an in-depth leadership development program for promising junior and senior business students at Saginaw Valley State University.  The program enhances the leadership abilities of a cohort group of high-potential students, in preparation for future leadership roles in business organizations that operate in an increasingly global context. The goal of the Vitito Global Leadership Institute is to foster a deep understanding of the importance of leadership in a global context, and its role in transforming organizations and communities. Students who have declared a Business major (or in exceptional cases students that have declared a Business minor) and have completed 45 credits at the time of application are eligible to apply to be admitted to the program. Students are selected through a college-wide competition (described in detail under the Admissions Process section).  Once selected, Vitito Fellows complete three courses in three consecutive semesters (Winter, Fall, Winter) with their cohort as specified in the Program Requirements section as well as co-curicular activities and a capstone project.

Program Oversight

The Vitito Fellows Program oversight is conducted by a College-wide Vitito Fellows Program Oversight Committee.  The chair of this committee is a faculty member that also serves as Academic Program Coordinator for the Vitito Fellows Program.  The committee consists of two tenured or tenure-track faculty members from each department of the College of Business and Management, chosen by each Department, the Dean of the College of Business and Management or designee, and one additional member, chosen by the Dean.  Faculty members chosen by each Department are voting members on the committee.  In the event of a tie, the Dean or Dean’s designee votes.  The chair is elected by a majority vote of the committee.  The Academic Program Coordinator for the program is responsible for coordinating the program, scheduling courses, advising students admitted to the program and overseeing co-curricular activities required by the program and will be granted six credits of release time per academic year to conduct these activities.  The Oversight Committee is responsible for the assessment of the Program.

Admission Process

Vitito Fellows are selected from among outstanding undergraduate students pursuing majors in the College of Business and Management at SVSU.  To be eligible, the students must be sophomores who have completed at least 45 credits at the time of application to the program, including some core business courses (occasionally, students with exceptional leadership ability who have a minor in business may be considered).  Candidates must commit to 3 consecutive semesters of course work, co-curricular activities, and global travel experience in order to be admitted. All candidates must demonstrate academic achievement, leadership potential, and a commitment to community service/ involvement.  Applications must be accompanied by an essay explaining the applicant’s personal and professional goals, as well as his or her performance and potential as a leader.

Vitito Fellows are interviewed by a Selection Committee chaired by the Dean of the College of Business and Management.  This committee will make recommendations to the University President.  Final selection of Vitito Fellows will be made by the SVSU Foundation Board, upon recommendation of the University President.

The Program Oversight Committee is responsible for selecting members of the Selection Committee.  Members of the Program Oversight Committee may also serve on the Selection Committee.

Vitito Fellows are selected on the basis of academic ability, character, leadership experience or potential for leadership (in a University or non-University setting), and demonstrated concern for and willingness to give back to the community.  The following are required for application:

1.  Minimum GPA of 2.8

2.  A letter of recommendation, which is provided by a college or university faculty member, employer or supervisor in a volunteer setting

3.  An application essay

4.  An interview by the Selection Committee              

Vitito Fellows will be selected in the Fall semester prior to the start of the program.

Program Requirements

In addition to co-curricular activities, global experiential travel and a capstone project associated with the Vitito Fellows Program, students are expected to complete the requirements for the degree of  Bachelor of Business Administration with a major in any business program (occasionally, exceptions for the BBA degree requirement may be made for students with exceptional leadership ability who are Vitito Fellows and have a minor in business), and the following course requirements:

Winter Semester (First Semester)

Fall Semester (Second Consecutive Semester)

Winter Semester (Third Consecutive Semester)