Jul 24, 2024  
2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog | Expires Aug. 2030 

Mechanical Engineering Major (B.S.M.E.)

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Interdisciplinary major; no minor required. The BSME program requires admission to the program as follows:

Admission to the Mechanical Engineering Program

Students admitted to SVSU may declare a Pre-Mechanical Engineering major. Admission to the Mechanical Engineering program requires a cumulative GPA of 2.50 or higher in the following courses:
ME 101 Engineering Careers & Concepts  
CHEM 111 General Chemistry I Lecture  
CHEM 111L General Chemistry I Lab  
MATH 161 Calculus I  
ME 202 Engineering Data Analysis  

Grades of a C (2.00) or higher must be achieved in each of the above courses; AP scores of three or higher satisfy this requirement. Students may then declare a Mechanical Engineering major and continue in the program.

Transfers of the equivalent of these above five courses from other institutions must meet the same cumulative and individual course GPA requirements listed above. Students with two or more course repeats (i. e., three or more total attempts) of any of the above five courses without achieving the minimum grade (C) are ineligible for admission to the Mechanical Engineering program. This course repeat requirement includes transfers of the above five courses.

Mechanical Engineering Program Course Repeat Policy

Each Mechanical Engineering course can only be repeated twice, three attempts in total. Students who do not pass the course with a grade of C (2. 00) or higher upon their second repeat (third attempt) will be dismissed from the Mechanical Engineering program. Students who are dropped from the program may petition for reinstatement by submitting a Reinstatement Form to the Mechanical Engineering Department with a written reinstatement rationale within the first two weeks of the academic term prior to the term being requested for reinstatement.

Engineering Core (9 cr)

Required of all mechanical engineering students)

Advanced Mechanical Engineering Courses (6 cr)

Students must take two upper level mechanical engineering courses. One must come from the solid mechanics stem and one must be from the thermal science stem.

Course Sequence

Engineering courses are to be taken with careful attention paid to prerequisites. A student who receives a grade lower than a “C” in a Foundation, Engineering Core, or Mechanical Engineering course may not use that course to satisfy a prerequisite for another Mechanical Engineering course.

Once declared a Mechanical Engineering major and successfully complete (grade of “C” or better) the following prior to taking any 300 or higher level Mechanical Engineering course:

All Basic Skills requirements
All 100 level Foundation courses
All 100 level Engineering Core courses

The following must be successfully completed (grade of “C” or better) prior to taking any 400 level Mechanical Engineering course:

All Foundation courses
All Engineering Core courses
All lower division (100 and 200 level) Mechanical Engineering courses

The waiver of requirements, transfer credit, and/or fulfillment of requirements by subsequent courses are to be submitted by the student for departmental approval by filling out a course petition form available from the chairperson.

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