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2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog | Expires Aug. 2028 

Major for Secondary Teaching Certification

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Students seeking secondary teaching certification must fulfill the general requirements for a bachelor’s degree. Students choosing the Major for Secondary Teaching Certification must fulfill University requirements for graduation by completing an approved subject matter teaching major. The approved subject matter majors are:


Requirements are listed under the respective departments.

In addition to an approved major, an approved minor may be chosen. A minor is not required for certification. Approved minors are:

Students should consult individual department listings for details on these minors.

Students seeking K-12 certification in music education do not take TEMS 303  , PSYC 315  or TEMS 308  (see the Music Department for substitute requirements). Students majoring in visual arts education, music education, and physical education are not required to enroll in TEMS 310 

Professional Studies (21-24 cr)

Methodology (15-18 cr)

TEMS 302  and TEMS 303  are prerequisites for TEMS 308  and TEMS 312 .

Secondary Teacher Education Program Requirements


Grade Point Average Requirement

Students in the Department of Teacher Education Middle/Secondary will be required to maintain an accumulative GPA of at least 3.00 in all professional studies courses, and maintain a cumulative GPA of at least 2.75 in the required content courses for major(s) and minor(s) in order to student teach.

Students failing to maintain the required GPA in either case may be dismissed from the program, subject to an appeal. Information for an appeals process may be obtained from the dean’s office.

Seven Year Time Limit for Professional Studies Courses

All professional studies courses (credits and requirements) must be completed within seven (7) years prior to the date on which the degree is to be granted.

Student Teaching

TEMS 422 is graded on a pass/fail basis. Evaluations are made and kept on file in the College of Education Office. Application forms for student teaching can be obtained from the College of Education web site and must be returned to the Office of Clinical Experiences by the last working day of the month of November for the next year’s Fall Semester Student Teaching assignment, or by the last working day of the month of March for the next year’s Winter Semester Student Teaching assignment.

Student teaching and the seminar (TEMS 412 , TEMS 422 ) constitute a full course load. No student may enroll for any additional credits without written permission from the Office of Clinical Experiences. Student teaching normally involves 14 weeks of full-time teaching in an area school. Assignments are made by the Office of Clinical Experiences.

Student teaching assignments are routinely made only for fall and winter semesters.

Note: It is particularly important that students placed in student teaching assignments for a given semester immediately notify the Office of Clinical Experiences when they are not able to fulfill their placement obligation. When a student drops student teaching without approval of the Office of Clinical Experiences, he/she will not be given a student teaching assignment during the following semester. When this student reapplies, he/she may be asked to appear for a formal hearing of the Department of Teacher Education.

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