Jun 23, 2021  
2012-2013 Graduate Academic Catalog 

Administrative Science - Master of Arts (M.A.)

This is an interdisciplinary program in the College of Arts and Behavioral Sciences that emphasizes public sector and non-profit agency administration and leadership. The objective of the Master of Arts/Administrative Science is to provide educational and professional development for people employed in, or seeking employment and advancement to, leadership positions in the public or private sectors; such as those in criminal justice, human services, or public and non-profit agency administration and leadership, and for students of public affairs. The program is designed and primarily intended for those who have earned baccalaureate degrees in liberal arts, criminal justice, political science and other social sciences. Those who have earned degrees in other disciplines are welcome to apply. However, those seeking advanced training in business administration should consider the Master of Business Administration at SVSU.

Mission Statement

The Administrative Science program produces value for the region, state, and society by preparing highly qualified and skilled public administrators who contribute to the betterment of a culturally-diverse workplace and by providing intellectual and experiential opportunities that enrich the lives of people.


The graduate of this program is expected to have demonstrated the following:

  1. The development of administrative skills and a mature sense of leadership.
  2. A high level of personal and professional ethics.
  3. A substantial awareness of human values and behavior, and of the individual’s moral responsibility for the actions of organizations of which he or she is a part.
  4. An understanding and mature appreciation of major elements of the social and political environment.
  5. Knowledge of contemporary methods of research and data analysis.
  6. Proficiency in written and oral expression.

It is expected that each student, in every course, will progress toward the satisfaction of these six expectations and will work toward an integration of knowledge and experience.

Admission Requirements

  1. A bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university with a cumulative GPA of 2.75.
  2. Undergraduate prerequisites include not less than three credits in statistics and/or research methods.
  3. A completed application for graduate admission ($25 non-refundable application fee required).
  4. Official copies of all undergraduate and graduate transcripts.
  5. A current résumé.
  6. A one-page statement of accomplishments and academic goals.
  7. International students must show a grade or “B” or better for at least one year of English composition or its equivalent. Applicants whose native language is not English must demonstrate competence in English. The College accepts a score of 580 or higher on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), or a passing score on an alternative test as determined by the College. SVSU’s English Language Program is available for students without a TOEFL score or whose TOEFL score is below the required minimum. Successful completion of the English Language Program does not guarantee acceptance to a graduate program at SVSU.
  8. International students must submit Evidence of Financial Support.

Admission Status

Full admission may be granted to applicants who have fully satisfied all admissions requirements.

  1. Applicants who have an undergraduate cumulative GPA of 2.74, or below and/or a GPA of 2.90 or less in their major, must present a Graduate Record Examination score of at least 800 (English and math combined) to achieve full admission status. The official score must be sent directly to SVSU from the Educational Testing Service. Applicants presenting lower GRE scores may be considered for admissions on probationary status if such action is warranted by other considerations. If such probationary status is granted, the student must maintain a 3.00 graduate GPA for the first 9 credits (three courses) taken to remain in the program.
  2. Applicants interested in completing a certificate program as a professional enhancement opportunity must take:
    1. MAS 510 Introduction to Administrative Science (3 cr)
    2. MAS 560 Conflict Management in the Organization (3 cr)
    3. MAS 580 Human Resources Management (3 cr)
  3. Provisional admission may be granted to applicants whose files are incomplete and who are otherwise qualified.
  4. Special admission may be granted to SVSU seniors with a GPA of 3.25 or better who otherwise meet admission requirements and are recommended by appropriate SVSU faculty. Such students may enroll for up to nine credits of graduate credit in the M.A. program beyond the requirements for the baccalaureate.
  5. An international applicant with a three year Bachelor’s degree from an approved institution of higher learning may be eligible for admission to the Master’s degree program based on successful completion of a bridging program of 18-24 credits approved by the Program Coordinator. The bridging program does not result in a Bachelor’s degree, but does allow for consideration for admission to the Master’s program.

Transfer Credit

Transfer credit may be granted for up to 12 credits of equivalent graduate course work at other institutions based on recommendation of the Program Coordinator and approval by the Dean of Arts and Behavioral Sciences. Transfer credit will not be accepted for MAS 650.

Academic Regulations

A maximum of 12 graduate credits may be accepted by transfer at first admission, and a minimum of 18 credits must be taken at SVSU. A minimum grade point average of 3.00 (“B”) is required for graduation. No “C”,“D” or “F” may be counted toward the degree. Students earning a “C”, “D”, or “F” may repeat a course only one time and the second grade will become official. The student may be dismissed from the program for anyone of the following: the cumulative GPA falls below 3.00 at any time after accumulation of 12 credits at SVSU; the student fails to demonstrate acceptable levels of expression in oral or written English; the student has accumulated six credits of “D” of “F” grades the first time a course is taken; or special conditions of admission are not met.

The maximum load for a full-time student is 15 credits during the fall or winter semesters and six credits during the spring or summer sessions, reduced by the sum of graduate credits with the grade of “I”. The maximum load for a part-time student is six credits during the fall or winter semesters and three credits during the spring or summer sessions reduced by the sum of graduate credits with the grade of “I”. Under special circumstances, such as the offering of short-term courses during a semester in which the student has a full load, the Program Coordinator may waive load restrictions for individual students for the semester or session in question. The degree must be completed within six years of initial enrollment.


Advising will be conducted by members of the faculty and/or by the Program Coordinator.

Students considering further graduate study, or students who have a specific public administrative interest, may complete a directed study project (MAS 690) under the supervision of an available faculty advisor mutually agreed upon by the student and faculty advisor.

Program Requirements

Choose one of two program options: 
Administrative Science (30 credits)
The University and College Student Affairs Administrative Track (36 credits)

Required Courses–University and College Student Affairs Administrative Track (36 credits)

This track provides graduate administrative science students both academic and applied experiences in the administration of university and college student affairs. The track provides students with knowledge of the history, theories, administrative practices, and contemporary research in post-secondary student affairs administration with a special emphasis on leadership and management skills.