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2024-2025 Undergraduate Catalog 
2024-2025 Undergraduate Catalog

Accounting, Law & Finance

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The Department of Accounting, Law & Finance offers two undergraduate degrees in accounting - a 124-credit Bachelor of Business Administration and a 150-credit Bachelor of Professional Accountancy.

The 124-credit B.B.A. accounting program provides the foundation for a variety of business career opportunities in industry, government and non-profit organizations. An accounting major is an excellent background for any career in business. Many accounting graduates advance from their accounting positions to more senior positions because of their ability to understand business issues. Business owners, managers, and government agencies depend on accountants for their technical knowledge and their ability to interpret financial information. Accountants are involved in the preparation of taxes, the design and implementation of accounting information systems and other financial consulting projects. While the 124-credit B.B.A. accounting program is a viable option for any business student, it is not sufficient to meet the educational requirements of the CPA examination (effective July 1, 2003). Students planning to sit for this professional examination should consider the 150-credit B.P.A. program.

The 150-credit B.P.A. program is designed to prepare the student for a career in professional accounting. Certified Public Accountants provide auditing, tax and management advisory services to corporate and individual clients. The increasing complexity of business operations, the need to control costs, the pressure to improve performance, and the constantly changing tax laws contribute to the growing demand for Certified Public Accountants.

Students who plan to sit for the Certified Management Accounting (CMA) examination, the Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) examination, the Certified Information System Auditor (CISA) examination, or other accounting and auditing certifications, also are advised to complete the 150-credit program.

A combination B.B.A./M.B.A. program is offered for students who wish to complete a graduate program and at the same time meet a five-year educational requirement. Students who are working on an undergraduate degree in accounting at SVSU can elect, at the end of their Junior year, to apply for admission to the M.B.A. program (see admission requirements). After completing both the four-year accounting degree requirements and the M.B.A. requirements, the student will be awarded both a B.B.A. and an M.B.A.

Students who already have a four-year B.B.A. degree in accounting may pursue a plan of study within the undergraduate program or the M.B.A. program to qualify for the 150-credit requirement. This plan will give appropriate consideration to previous academic preparation and future professional objectives. These students should seek academic counseling from Accounting faculty to assure that their program will satisfy the 150-credit requirement. Students who have completed their B.B.A. degree in accounting and wish to pursue the B.P.A. program must complete a minimum of 31 credits. Students must complete any agreed upon accounting courses and at least 16 credits from the College of Business and Management.


Law & Finance Faculty

Iksu Jurn,  Wayne Mackie, Rhonda Ross





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