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2024-2025 Undergraduate Catalog 
2024-2025 Undergraduate Catalog


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Bachelor of Science in Nursing (B.S.N.)

In accordance with the philosophy of Saginaw Valley State University, the nursing faculty believes the Department of Nursing has the responsibility to foster intellectual and maturational growth of the student as a person, as a productive citizen and as a potential member of the nursing profession. The curriculum coordinates a program of professional nursing with courses in the natural and behavioral sciences and general education, thereby providing the framework to meet student learning needs. This is an interdisciplinary major, no minor is required.

General Information for Basic and Licensed Registered Nurse Students

Progression and Retention Policies

Nursing courses ordinarily are offered fall and winter semesters and full-time nursing students are expected to attend these two semesters. Part-time study is available with the approval of the department.

Nursing courses must be taken in sequence as specified unless approved by the faculty. Each June, part-time and RN students are to file a plan of study with the department, indicating which courses they plan to take the following academic year. Failure to file a plan of study may result in exclusion from practicum courses. Nursing students may elect to complete other graduation requirements during spring and summer semesters. Progression into any nursing course at any level cannot take place if a student has a grade of “I” in any prerequisite course. A grade of “C” or better is required for each nursing course to permit student progression. A student who earns an unacceptable grade (less than “C”) in one course must apply to the Department of Nursing for readmission and satisfactorily repeat the course in order to progress in the nursing major. The student may repeat a nursing course only once and no more than one nursing course may be repeated. If the student fails a second nursing course, he/she will not be allowed to progress.

Withdrawal and Readmission

Students choosing to withdraw from the Department of Nursing must notify the department chair of nursing in writing. If such students withdraw while in good standing, they may be readmitted once.

Additional Requirements for All Students

All students are required to have a complete physical examination and criminal background check prior to admission to the nursing program. Various types of diagnostic assessment and preventative health measures may be required before beginning the first practicum course.

Professional liability insurance is provided through the University for basic nursing students. A fee for this coverage may be added to the charge for clinical courses.

Registered Nurse students must show evidence of professional liability insurance, beginning with the first clinical course, and must maintain coverage throughout the program.

Students must show evidence of completion of an approved cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) course for the professional rescuer and are required to maintain certification throughout the program. CPR courses are available through the Michigan Heart Association and Red Cross.

Suspension and Dismissal for Other Than Academic Reasons

The faculty reserves the right to dismiss students from clinical areas on a daily basis when they are too ill or unprepared to benefit from the experience.

Students with physical and/or psychological difficulty may be required to seek the care of a qualified health professional. Dependent upon the individual situation, the student may not return to clinical areas until an appropriate health professional affirms that the student’s health is satisfactory for progression in nursing.

A student’s clinical placement can be denied by agencies at any time.


The student is responsible for providing transportation to and from all courses and/or clinical learning experiences. When making clinical assignments, priority is given to selecting meaningful learning activities; therefore, clinical assignments may occur in a variety of geographical locations.

University Requirements for Graduation

Degree requirements stipulated in the SVSU Catalog apply to students in the Nursing program.





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