Jul 16, 2019  
2018-2019 Graduate Academic Catalog 

Energy and Materials (M.S.)

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The Master of Science degree in Energy and Materials (MEM) is structured as a professional masters degree program, intended to provide advanced technical training as well as professional skills that employers need, particularly in areas such as communication, regulatory issues, and project management. The Master of Science degree in Energy and Materials is interdisciplinary and intended for students with baccalaureate degrees in engineering, chemistry or physics. It is designed to meet the technical needs for advancing energy production technologies and equipping students to develop next generation materials to meet the needs of a variety of industries.

Admission Criteria for the Master of Science Degree in Energy and Materials

  • Acceptable Majors: Engineering, Physics, Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Materials Science
  • Minimum Undergraduate GPA: 3.00 on a 4.00 scale
  • Personal Statement of Accomplishments and Academic Goals
  • Letters of Recommendation (2 minimum)
  • Undergraduate Transcript(s)
  • Resume (1-4 pages)
  • For International students: a minimum TOEFL score of 550 on the written test or 213 on the computer based test

Course Transfer Policy

The MEM program will accept transfer credit of graduate courses from other institutions on a case by case basis with a limit of up to 9 credits. All transfer requests will be evaluated by the MEM faculty for equivalency to content in our program.

Early Admission Program

Saginaw Valley State University students in undergraduate degrees eligible to apply for the program may apply for early admission. Early admission allows an undergraduate to begin taking graduate courses while they are taking their final undergraduate courses. This program allows a high achieving undergraduate to meet the required number of credit hours and courses in their undergraduate and masters degrees in a shorter calendar period. The goal of the program is to allow a student to complete their bachelors and masters degree in five years.

To apply for early admission, the applicant can submit an application in the first semester of their junior year using the same procedure as a regular graduate student, except they are not required to have completed an undergraduate degree yet. Early admission candidates also need to meet the following criteria to qualify for early admission:

  • Minimum overall GPA of 3. 0
  • Minimum SE& T GPA of 3. 2
  • Completed MATH 262, PHYS 112 or 212, CHEM 111, and 12 hours of 300-400 level SE& T credit.
  • Have an MEM faculty member submit one of the required recommendation letters.

Students admitted under early admission will be on conditional admission until they complete their undergraduate degree. They may start taking graduate courses the last two semesters of their undergraduate program. A masters degree would not be awarded until completion of the undergraduate degree.


Capstone Experience (6 cr)

 Students must complete either six credits of field project work (MEM 691 and MEM 692) or six credits of thesis work (MEM 693 and MEM 694).

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