Apr 10, 2020  
2011-2012 Undergraduate Academic Catalog | Expires Aug. 2018 

Health Science Major (B.S.)

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This interdisciplinary major provides preparation for students interested in a career in the health field. Students seeking preparation in nursing, occupational therapy, or medical technology can major in those clinical practice professions at SVSU. The Health Science degree is designed to meet the needs of students with one or more of the following characteristics:

  1. Students planning to enter the SVSU M.S.O.T. program.
  2. Students who are graduates of associate degree health technician/assistant programs.
  3. Students employed in health or human services, and seeking a related bachelor’s degree.
  4. Students interested in a health or human services career, but uncertain about options.
  5. Students leaving one health or human services career option, and looking for another.
  6. Students interested in a career in aging services.

Core courses and Health electives provide a sound foundation in health and human services, with additional electives and minors providing an opportunity to meet individualized learning needs based on career goals.

Graduates of associate degree health programs with at least 40 credits in their discipline, of which at least 25 credits are didactic, will be granted up to 40 credits of technical elective credits for courses in their discipline. The field experience will be waived for those with 3 or more credits of clinical credits in their associate degree.


Graduates of this program will acquire knowledge and skill in:

  1. Negotiating the U.S. health and human services systems.
  2. Advocating for improvement of health and human services
  3. Ethical and professional standards of practice in health and human services professions.
  4. Research utilization in health and human services.
  5. Content areas specific to health and human services career goals.

Degree Requirements

Credits required for a major in Health Science are 12 credits from Core Courses and 20 credits from  Electives. A minor is required unless the student chooses to take 18 additional credits from Electives. Students are advised to consider their career goals when selecting general education, major, and minor courses.

Students wanting to enter the health science program must first declare pre-health science as their major. After successfully completing HS 240 and a program application, students will be formally accepted into the health science major.

General Education and Core Courses

Electives (20 credits from the following categories, at least 10 credits at 300-400 level)


All Health Science majors are encouraged to choose at least one course from this section. A minor in gerontology is available to Health Science majors who earn 15 credits from this category in at least 4 disciplines and 3 credits of field experience in aging services. Credits taken for the gerontology minor cannot also be used toward the 20-credit Elective requirement for the Health Science major.

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